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With the advanced capabilities and highly penetrated use of email and other online channels like video and social media, you may ask… Is Direct Mail still effective? You may even be wondering if the cost is worth it?

Well…according to research, when strategically integrated with these same online channels it certainly is! And, here are 5 reasons why it’s still a very effective and relevant tool for Demand Generation and Lead Nurture.

1. It’s Personal

With Direct Mail you can add that personal touch and address your customers by name. I personally look forward to seeing what I get in the mail (besides bills of course!). And, I’m more likely to respond to a special offer that is addressed to my personal needs.

2. It’s Targeted

You choose who you want mail to be sent to and when it will be sent. Direct Mail is more focused and targeted to individuals who will most likely respond to your offer.

3. It’s Accountable

Direct Mail gives you the ability to track the success of your campaign. Whether it’s counting the number of coupons redeemed, visits to custom landing pages, or inquiries generated. By tracking and analyzing results, you can see what is working and if any changes need to be made.

4. It’s Integrated

Direct Mail can easily be integrated with Web, Media (TV/Radio) and Social to create a winning combination. Integrating Direct Mail with these online channels enables measurement and accountability.

5. It’s Tangible

Finally, Direct mail comes in all shapes and sizes! You can choose from postcards, brochures, letters, coupons, and so much more. As the name suggests, it’s the only media channel that physically allows you to place your message in your customers’ hands. With the use of coupons, QR Codes, etc. you get your customers actively involved. And, combining your Direct Mail, say with an emerging channel like “mobile” using QR Codes you can really make a memorable impression!

Let’s also take a look at some of the numbers that explain the reach, impact, and trustworthiness of mail as referenced in Deliver Magazine (Volume 7, Issue 3, June 2011)


“A whopping 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered, and 77% sort through it immediately.”

“According to a survey of 6,400 online shoppers, households receiving print catalogs shop online more often and spend more meaningful time at retail websites. The results held regardless of age, income, region or education of the survey respondent.”

“The United States Postal Service delivers to more than 149 million residences, businesses and PO Boxes in every state and territory. That’s more mail to more addresses in a larger geographic area than any other post in the world.”


“The global direct mail advertising services market is forecast to reach $25 billion in 2015. Market growth will be spurred by locally targeted advertisements and micro-targeted advertisements, a move away from mass advertising to direct advertising.”

“Businesses in the U.S. spent $45.2 Billion on Direct Mail Advertising in 2010, marking a 3.1% increase from 2009 levels.”


“The United States Postal Service processes 391,000 pieces of mail a minute and processed 41.5 millions address changes in 2010. It has been named the Most Trusted Federal Agency six consecutive times.”

“The 18-34 preference for direct mail and newspaper is 2-3 times greater for info about household products, health products, insurance and financial services than sources such as social media.”

Bottom-line, consumers are still feeling the love for Direct Mail and this love is expected to grow 5.4% for B2B Direct Sales and 5.2% for lead generation.