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PPC Management

PPC Management


Paid search is the quickest and most controllable way to get your business in front of people who are looking for your products and services. PPC advertising gives you the opportunity to pay for top positions on search engines and appear on relevant partner websites. Pay-Per-Click marketing delivers instant traffic to your business while delivering great results.

MWI helps companies grow their revenue through ROI-driven digital marketing programs that make clients successful.

If you already have a PPC campaign and feel like you might be missing out on potential customers, then let us run a PPC Audit so that we can tell you exactly how your campaign is performing and if there is room for improvement.

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PPC lets you place ads in front of potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for your products or services online. We manage campaigns on platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube and several others.


Bring People Back For More. Remarketing lets you reach people who have previously visited your site. Most visitors will abandon your site before completing a desired action. Our Remarketing solution helps you spark their interest and bring them back to your site by showing    ads as they browse the internet.


Successful display ads proactively targets new customers by placing interesting, relevant ads in front of them when they’re most likely to convert. Display is best for building awareness and keeping your business top of mind. When done right, it can drive great results.

Available PPC Management Services

Below you’ll find a listing of the more common paid marketing services we provide. If you’re confused about what would work best for your business, we can advise on which platforms have shown the best ROI metrics within your specific industry.

Google AdWords

AdWords enables you to promote your brand and product offering across Google and its partner sites. Google dominates over 85% of search engine market share.

Bing Ads

Whilst Bing isn’t as popular as Google, it typically delivers the same of better ROI within 10% of the volume.  Bing Ads can be easily duplicated from Google AdWords.

Facebook Ads

With the highest number of monthly active users, Facebook has become a highly sought after digital strategy to grow your business. It’s said that Facebook delivers the best ROI for the lowest cost-per-click.

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube has 1.3 billion users and growing. YouTube provides a great opportunity for your message to reach millions of people that have the potential of becoming prospective customers.

Why Google AdWords?

Attract more customers.

Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Google AdWords can help.

Advertise locally or globally.

Target your ads to customers in certain countries, regions or cities — or within a set distance from your business or shop.

Reach the right people at the right time.

Your business gets found by people on Google precisely when they’re searching for the things that you offer.

You only pay for results.

You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website, or calls you. In other words, when your advertising is working.

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